(If you read this in Planet maemo, the formatting is farked up. Please read the original.)

Summary: A dot-install file for package “<goo>” in “maemo Extras” should
look like this:

repo_name = maemo Extras
repo_deb = deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras/ mistral free non-free
repo_deb_3 = deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras/ bora free non-free
catalogues = maemo-extras
package = <goo>

name = maemo Extras
uri = http://repository.maemo.org/extras/
components = free non-free

The only variable here is “<goo>”, the rest should be copied verbatim.
Specifically, you should not list any other repository besides
“maemo-extras”. (And make sure you have the trailing slash in the uri.)

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You might have noticed that OS2008 can now backup and restore the names of the packages that you have installed. The Application Manager can take that list and install them all at once. The catalogue configuration of the Application Manager is also backed up and restored, of course.

There is one (small?) snag, though: the pre-configured catalogues are not backed up. This seems to be the right thing to do since we can assume that the new image has a better idea of what the pre-configured catalogues should be than the backup. Unfortunately, the maemo Extras catalogue is pre-configured as “disabled”, and thus, since it is not included in a backup, you always have to enable it explicitly after flashing.

Let me say that again: after flashing, you need to enable the maemo Extras catalogue before being able to restore packages from it. Unfortunately, the first-boot procedure doesn’t give you the opportunity to do this. What will probably work quite well is to perform the restore on first-boot to get all your settings back, but to not accept the offer to install the applications right now. Then open the Application Manager manually, enable the maemo Extras catalogue, and select “Tools > Restore applications…”.

That’s an accident, of course, it’s not by design. Sorry for that. We’ll figure out something for the next release. The easiest thing is to just include the “maemo Extras” repository in the backup, I guess. But then again, why not include all pre-configured catalgues? What do you think?