A pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, 7. May 2008

I just upgraded a N800 from Chinook to a internal Diablo pre-release with apt-get. This was never supposed to work, but it just does anyway. Nice!

It’s also quite easy:

  • Put the device into R&D mode and disable the lifeguard reset.
  • Make sure you have a lot of free space in / and/or move the apt archive cache from /var/cache/apt/archives to a memory card.
  • Run apt-get install osso-software-version-rx34-unlocked in a shell that doesn’t die when the network goes down.
  • Make some coffee, walk the dogs, plant a tree.
  • Updated: Run flash-and-reboot and let it flash the kernel and initfs.
  • File bugs.

I hope we can soon announce the repository that you need for this, but I can’t make any promises.


7 Responses to “A pleasant surprise.”

  1. michael said

    Cool, so a distribution release upgrade to OS2009 🙂 bye bye flashing.

    But to be honest, i always use a fresh install at my ubuntu box. Had bad experiences with that dist-upgrade in the past 😦

    it really depends how much you have customized your system from the default settings..

  2. Faheem said

    Benson found the repo and i’m typing thhis from diablo now.

  3. Benson said

    Thanks for the teaser. 🙂 I understand your desire to announce the repository, and that you can’t make any promises.

    Fortunately, we don’t really need them. :p

    Starting here and carrying on for the next 10 pages, we have the saga of the first ~12 hours of Diablo in the wild!

    Thanks again, for letting us know it was possible.

  4. Benson said

    Apparently URLs are verboten?

    Anyway, it’s over at internettabletTalk (.com), in the “What do we know about Diablo?” thread, starting on page 19…


  5. Marius said


    The repository you found was supposed to be access restricted all the time… It was only supposed to be accessible to selected testers at this point. So you guys really got lucky!

    The thing I didn’t want to promise (and still can’t) is that we take away the access restriction eventually for Chinook users.

    Did any of you guys notice that the kernel and initfs are not updated? I forgot to mention “flash-and-reboot” in my original steps.

    But I think flash-and-reboot might not be able to flash the initfs on all devices.

  6. Faheem said

    Marius, I found out about flash-and-reboot and I was the first one in the thread to flash the kernel :p

    Yes, you are right. Diablo initfs is too big for N800 ( ~2.0 MB) and image is about .5 MB bigger.

    I’m trying to make a stripped down diablo kernel so I can use the battery information in FTD properly (updated BME ;))

    I’ve already posted the modules from the initfs, for the ipv6 :). All I need to do is edit that ipv6-enable script…

  7. Faheem said

    Done! I’m now running the diablo initfs so my N800 is complete 🙂

    ftd still won’t show battery information though.

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