We don’t need no education.

Sunday, 15. Jun 2008

Bruce Perens has a good reply to Ari Jaaksi’s keynote, but I am sure that the ‘bright line’ approach is not new to Nokia.

I have not heard the keynote and I haven’t seen a transscript yet, but unless proven wrong, I want to believe that Ari has been misunderstood: with enough determination, you can read what he says as an attack on the mobile phone industry: He might have wanted to say that parts of the Open Source and Free Software communities have a hard time imagining how utterly backwards and behind the mobile phone industry is.

(Just look at what happened when the 3G spectrum licenses were auctioned offInsanity.)

When Ari says “Why do we need closed vehicles? We do.”,  I read this as: “I know there are no good reason, only bad ones, let’s not waste time arguing about it and hope the bad reasons go away by themselves.”

When he says “As an industry, we plan to use open-source technologies, but we are not yet ready to play by the rules”, he can’t be implying that Nokia is not going to honor the licenses of code that they are using. They have to and they do.  Maybe he means that Nokia can not yet afford to speak out against DRM and device lock-down without being hypocritical, but he knows that people are hoping for such statements.

Yeah, I have nice rose-colored glasses.  I hope Ari clarifies his message in the near future.

(In any case, switching your code to GPLv3 seems like a good thing to do when you are worried about Nokia pulling a Tivo.)

Update: After taking off my rose-colored glasses, I saw this.  Well, what can I say.  Ari, I guess it is better if you let Quim do the talking.